Stacey the kitten

Stacey is an orphan kitten who came to Farplace Animal Rescue at about 24 hours old after a cat found her and brought her home. She was not that cat’s kitten, so we don’t know where she was found.

When she arrived, she needed round-the-clock care with feeds every two hours, day and night.  We had a couple of early concerns, but with help from our vet she was soon doing well.

Luckily, another new arrival was Tulip who was heavily pregnant. When she gave birth to her 4 kittens, we were able to sneak Stacey in with them.

Although Stacey was already much bigger than the other kittens Tulip didn’t notice and immediately bonded with Stacey.

Once Stacey and her adopted family are grown up and healthy we will be looking for new homes for them.